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African Airgun Safari

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Author Jim Chapman

Home from our South African Airgun Safari:

In 2006, Eric Henderson, Randy Mitchell, and I had a great trip to the Eastern Cape of South Africa hunting large game with our Quackenbush LA .457 African Express Airrifles, and a host of medium and small game with the Dragonslayer, Evanix AR6, Prairie Falcon, and other DAQs in .308 and .22. This hunt was an adventure that none of will soon forget, and I hope someday we all get a chance to hunt there together again. Continued .... [1]


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Just wrapped up the 5th Airgun hunt to SA  
this time we didn't go after big game with airguns, used my 30-06 instead. However, spent a lot of time with airguns for small game and took lots of Guinea fowl, pigeons, geese, crows, hyrax and other stuff. If you want to join the hunt next year, this is the way will do it, firearms for big game and then focus a lot of time for small game. Keep in touch and I'll post as we start to get ready for the next hunt.

Posted By: Jim Chapman
13 July 2009 21:52

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