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Author Jim Chapman

Welcome Airgun Hunters!

My name is Jim Chapman, and this is my personal blog that I'll use to talk about some of the guns I'm shooting, hunts I'm planning or have just wrapped up, and a place to keep up with the many airgunning friends I've made.


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Well into summer, and have been getting in lots of range work and plinking, with a bit of hunting Add Comment 
using Evanix guns .... shooting the MAX and Speed both in .25. I couldn't wait for these guns to come out in semi and full auto, but after a few months of shooting find I use the semi auto most of the time even plinking. Working on the Conquest 9mm and see a lot of promise with this gun, will post results oncve I get enough experience with it.rnrnTalked to my hunting buddy Chip out in Virginia today and hope to get out to hunt with those guys for a few days this year.rnrnCrow season is opened today, so I'll be going out after these guys .... I love hunting them and been getting great results using Fox Pro and Extreme Dimension calls. rnrnSquirrel starts up this August and am going to hunt as many species in as many states as possible.rnrnHope everyone is having a good summer! Will post more as it happens.rnrnJimrnrn

Posted By: Jim Chapman
5 July 2012 16:40
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Testing the new .25cal LBT air gun moulds 2 comments 
Shooting these bullets from my sumatra,we found the 50&58gr.LBT bullets to be accurate.Our best groups,were with the 50gr.At 50yrds.they shot in 1/2in.3shot groups on high power.Low&med.power, produced 1in.or less.The 58gr bullets were shot at 30yrds.These also gave 1/2in.groups.3shots per group,high power only.These bullets are made for pcp airguns only.Made for choked barrels,these easy to cast bullets penetrate,and expand well.LBT LFN.Cast of"almost"pure lead.

Posted By: Sub-sonic
26 February 2012 19:27

LASSO Competition is coming to Texas! Add Comment 
Get the details here. It is a lot of fun no matter what gun you shoot. Make it if you can!

Posted By: Jim Chapman
21 February 2012 05:34
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How did Missouri's hunting laws get changed to include air rifles? 1 comment 
I am looking for the persons who were able to convince "the powers to be" in MO to add air guns to the list of legal weapons to take deer in that state. I am hopeful to get the laws changed in my home state.

Posted By: Shamu25
25 January 2012 01:36
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Dragon Claw 1 comment 
I am having difficulty finding the high profile rings you are using on your Big Bores by Sam Yang; could you help? I have checked with your list of dealers and no one knows exactly what you are using.

Posted By: Groush
18 January 2012 02:38
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Finished hunt in W Texas last night and at SHOT Show Add Comment 
Today is the media range day, so going over to see some new airguns and firearms and spend the afternoon getting some trigger time. Will keep blog updated with information as I get it. BTW, the hunting trip was great, I piled up the bobcats and fox, and popped a hog as well. Will write up details later

Posted By: Jim Chapman
16 January 2012 16:43
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SHOT Show rumors 1 comment 
The count down to the biggest shooting sports exhibition is on. I'll be at the media range day on Monday, and am solidly booked with all the airgun companies for the next two days. There are several new guns coming out that I can't talk about until the show, but we are going to have some VERY Cool stuff hitting the market by the end of the month. I'll update the blog on a regular basis from the press room.

Posted By: Jim Chapman
10 January 2012 03:29
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Taking the Windy City out squirrel hunting in the morning Add Comment 
was out shooting this and the Rainstorm earlier today, and thought I'd spend some field time with the bottle fed version. I seemed to be hitting everything I shot at with it, and was reaching out to a 75 yards .... so probably be good for these late season bushytails. Already packed and shipped the Speed for next weeks hunt in Texas.

Posted By: Jim Chapman
8 January 2012 04:15
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Just went to Fedex to ship my guns for a hunt Add Comment 
been having so much hassel and uncertainty flying with my guns, I shipped them on ahead so they are waiting for me at the ranch when I arrive. We're using IR night vision to hunt hogs, and the laser gen lights for hunting bobcats at night.5 days of hunting before the SHOT Show, and I am ready for action! Taking the DAQ .451 and the Evanix Speed in .25,and looking forward to this; have not hunted anything bigger than crows with the Speed yet and haven't used my DAQ in a long time. This is the gun Dennis Quackenbush built especially for me to my specs, and it is a favored gun in my collection. Reckon the Speed will handle a bobcat just fine.

Posted By: Jim Chapman
6 January 2012 21:21
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I am rebuilding my basement range 1 comment 
Doing my shooting bench, chrony and lighting, and work bench. It's only 10 meter range but gives me room to sight in and start testing guns in a bit more comfort. I'm finding the Chairgun a real help as it let's me know where to place the shot at 10 yards when I want a 50 yard zero, from a specific gun at a specific velocity, and a specific pellet. It has been very close a predicting real world results in my experience. SHOT show is coming soon, but I am going hunting in Texas first for hogs and bobcats first! Then off to Vegas directly from Texas ....... Should be sending back lots of news!

Posted By: Jim Chapman
5 January 2012 16:11
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