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Crosman Nitro Stock Modification

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Author Bill Clarke

Simple, cheap, Highly Productive Nitro Mod.... from the Yellow Forum written by Jamie

The weather here in NW Fl was not conducive to sitting on a deer stand with a muzzleloader, so I spent some time in the shop putting a Harley engine back together...when I ran out of parts, I figured I'd have a little trigger time...

So I went in and hauled out the lube-tuned Daisy 1000WS...grabbed a tin of pellets and opened the window in the shop...28yds to the spinners...I've spent the last couple of weeks shooting the Nitro...and absolutely enjoying it...the first shot out of the Daisy was akin to an electric shock..holy schmoly! I'd forgotten what a BEAST this thing is...over twice the cocking effort...although smooth with the tune..and recoil was just plain ridiculous...but, it does just make a big CHUNK, when it took me 5 shots to hit the 3-inch spinner! Once I had it figured out, I started ringing it consistently and moved to the 1-inch spinners.....not bad...after around 100 shots, I took it back in and grabbed the Nitro...

The first shot, Not only did I hit the 1-inch spinner, and the recoil was mucho better...but I noticed a big difference in sound....the Nitro made a CHOCK sound.....hollow...hmmm....a few more shots paying attention, and swapping guns.....very odd...the magnum springer seemed quieter agains the face than the rammed gun.....

So, I pulled the butt-pad...yep, stock was completely after looking to make sure there wasn't anything in there that I would ever need to move or get to again, I grabbed a can of spray foam and filled her up....put the butt-pad back and and let it sit while I shot the Daisy for another hour or so.....I picked the Nitro back up, cocked it and loaded a pellet...paying special attention to the sound..touched the trigger...very quick, very subtle...chunk....

WOW what a HUGE difference! Completely changed the complexion of this gun! I thought I liked it before! And I even shot it more consistently...although I was more consitent with it than pretty much any springer I've owned tamed the recoil even more...making it much less hold sensative.....and it even quieted the rattle of the Anti-Bear-trap...not sure how, but it did....

I was going to remove the ABT...but the forward pin is riveted in...for those that have removed them...did you drill them out?

So, a $4 can of spray foam and a screwdriver, and I just improved the temperament of this gun by 100% IMO...great out of the box...truly impressive...but after this...Incredible!



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