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Dual Camera - Shooting Cans at 170 Yards with a PCP air rifle

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Author Unirdna

This is a dual video (scope camera and target camera) of me shooting cans of beer at 170 yards with my Edgun Matador .22 PCP Air Rifle.

Here are the details:

Rifle: Edgun Matador #2339 .22cal Scope: Leapers Accushot SWAT 4-16x 56mm AO Illuminated Reticle Pellets: JSB Exact Heavy Jumbo 18.1g Bipod: Harris 6-9" Beer: MGD 64 (expired, and not my cup of tea anyway) Wind: 5mph from the NorthEast (45 degree angle to shooting range)

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Scepticism is natural.  
I've gotten a few message of doubt. So...

Consider the Mil-dot calculation to go along with the range finder.:)

Formula: Target size (in yards) x 1000 / Mils read = yards to target (for 10X magnification)

A 12oz can is 4.5 inches tall, which equals .125 of one yard, and looks to be take up about 1.1 to 1.2 mildots on the scope (at 16X magnification). So, 0.125 x 1000 / 1.15 x (16x/10x magnification) = 174 Yards :). Ted

Posted By: Unirdna
16 September 2010 17:30

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