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Gamo P-23 CO2 powered pistol

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Author Donwalk

is it underated?

the Gamo P-23, CO2 powered air pistol is a versatile pistol, within given parameters, of course.

it's reasonably accurate enough, even when dispensing BB shot in semo-auto fire mode and the velocity is more than adequate to 'plink' with; using either the BB shot or .177 pellets. the rifled barrel offers a touch more in the way of that accuracy with pellets and BB shot. not many other pistols in this class offer a rifled bore barrel.

it goes without saying it is not is the same class as the fine beeman's, feinwerkbraus, indian, webleys, etc., but what does one expect from a ninety dollar pistol? (and, it may often be found on sale for much less if one looks around on the intenet.)

operation is simple and easy: making sure the safety device is set on "safe", insert the CO2 cartridge as per instruction, unlatch and tilt the barrel upwards, load the projectile(s) of choice, (very easy loading spring loaded, built in magazine in the case of using BB shot or inserting the .177 pellet of choice into the breech.) close the barrel, making sure it latched securley, switch the safety device to the fire position, aim, squeeze the DA only trigger and fire.

when one squeezes the trigger, one sees the shortcoming of the P-23: a hard, but not unmanagable, trigger pull

i would not, as is the case for any lower velocity air gun, select any pellet over 10.0 grains, though; velocity is sure to suffer. after all, it's claimed to have a 400 fps velocity. certainly not a "power house". i have yet to chronograph mine, but judging by the way the pellets/BB shot whines during a richochet, velocity is more than adequate for this plinker.

of course that's all subject to your personal demands and what your intended use is.

as for using it for close range, small game harvesting...well...i think there are better choices in the world of air pistols to hunt with. although i've never done any real 'penetration' or 'knock down' tests with it. within a 10-15 yard range, it may be adequate for smaller game like birds, small rabbit, squirrels, frogs and snakes (smaller ones, though...i would not want to tackle the taking of a six-foot diamond back rattler with one.)

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since i wrote the above article i have taken a large snake with the Gamo P-23. (not a rattler...a rather large, 60" gopher that was very agressive.)

judging from the damage done by the Cometa wadcutters, the Gamo has more than enough at the range i shot it from to deliver the goods.

i'm still looking for a way to improve the trigger.

Posted By: Donwalk
17 October 2009 01:46

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