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Gamo Stutzen

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Author Donwalk

very suitable

the Gamo Stutzen is a high quality and well finished air rifle by any standard. it does have some "pitfalls" least i believe so.

one being it's trigger.

the trigger, while being smooth in it's pull and weight, has excessive travel and 'take up' slack.

i purchased and installed an aftermarket trigger and installed and adjusted it as per instructions and again...smooth but still too long in it's pull to get to where the feel of "the break is coming...". it takes some acclimation. it's not bad...just different.

the Stutzen is, or at least should be, considered as a magnum rifle advertising up to 1100 fps utilizing PBA pellets and 950 fps utilizing lead pellets. lead, RWS, superdome pellets netted an average of 865 fps thru my chronograph. i haven't shot 500 rounds thru it as of yet so i'm certain it will "smooth out" and 'speed up' once all settles in. it certainly is capable of delivering the goods downrange, nonetheless.

operating the , somewhat rube goldbergish, but adequate, underlever cocking lever requires some effort and will put you at a disavantage where speed to recock and reload is a need. advertised cocking effort is 50 pounds...i believe it; perhaps even more. that brings to the attention, another irritant in the otherwise overall, good operation of this fine rifle: the loading port.

i have a difficult time with the diminutive .177 pellets in my hamhock mitts to begin with and the pop-up loading port of the Stutzen presents me with yet another challenge: loading the darn thing! it's enough to make a preacher requires holding the pellet, head first (naturally) at the perfect angle, and holding the rifle at the perfect angle in order to facilitate loading. it's very me at least. but then again, most pellet rifles present some sort of challenge to load for me because of the size of my mitts (arthritic ones, to boot)

the loading and cocking operation is enough to bring tears to ones eyes and to cause one to assess whether or not it is worth taking to the feild to hunt with as it's difficult to load and requires some gymnastic manuvers to accomplish. how could one remain undetected by close game having to do headstands and handsprings in order to cock and load/reload?. in an informal plinking session or just wondering about in the field while 'stump shooting'...fine. but overall effort might give one pause to think.

the installation of a bi-pod and sling are prohibitive for the biggest part. i've sat and studied the possibilitis for mounting of a bi-pod and come to the conclusion it would be easier to gather a pound of horse feathers, hence; the use of shooting sticks or a portable bag rest would be the best alternative for precision, longer range shots.(even if it were practical to mount a bi-pod, if you had a scope, it would add enough weight to where you'd not want to carry least i wouldn't and if you're like me, you can't afford to hire a caddy to carry one for you)

the actual firing is typical of the average magnum springer...violent. (the RWS/diana model 54 may be an exception...but i've never shot or owned one.) one must adapt to the characteristics of a magnum springer before expecting decent accuracy least that's been my experience with them. in other words: ya gotta learn how to shoot 'em...

accuracy is relative to your choice of optics, pellet and how well you shoot a magnum springer. from just preliminary 'informal' plinking, the potential for high degree of accuracy is there. right now, i'm shooting with open sights but i do have a BSA 2-7x42 air rifle scope ready to install when i finalize my trigger adjustments and find a suitable pellet.

the finish and quality of workmanship is excellent and it is presented as an excellent example of overall quality.

ovearall, i believe the Gamo Stutzen has the potiental to be a great rifle when properly developed and is worth the price it commands.

599 Rating: 2.3/5 (166 votes cast)

One of my favorite springers,  
I love the looks and feel of this gun and take it out on a few hunts every year. I replaced the trigger on mine with a GTX Trigger, which was the only thing I'd change on the gun. rnEnjoyed your review and agree with you it's worth the price.

Posted By: Jim Chapman
25 September 2009 14:31

one of my favorite springers  
thanks for the kind words Jim, i appreciate it.rnrni agree with you on the change of trigger, too. heck, why not just purchase another "whatever you wish" to have instead of trying to change the Stutzen.

Posted By: Donwalk
27 September 2009 01:28

The trigger is not expensive and pretty easy to install  
I have a lot of guns that I've modified to make them perfect for me, and in this case was the only thing I'd change on the gun.

Posted By: Jim Chapman
27 September 2009 20:07

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