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Hunting and Pest Control

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Author Bill Clarke

Hello Airgun Hunters!!!

We have a new place to hang out that brings together all aspects of our sport; what guns and gear are being used, the different quarry airgunners are hunting and the techniques that are working out in the real world, a place to tell stories and to catch up with other hunters.

This will be a venue where you can have your own airgun hunting blog, post your pictures, publish your stories and share your experiences; we’re going to make this the most comprehensive community site in the airgunning world.

My name is Jim Chapman, and I am the editor of the Airguns in the Field section. This Wiki will allow you to write articles with pictures showing the places you hunt, the gear you used, the game, and of course, pics of you with your trophy. Airgunarena will become the repository of airgunning knowledge over time, and you can be part of it.

Come in, set up your own blog, form your own dicussion groups, and enjoy!


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