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IZH-46M (Izzy) Air Pistol

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Author Bill Clarke

The IZH-46M is manufactured by: Baikal ZMH.

The Izzy, as this airgun is affectionately called by most of its owners, is a single stroke pnuematic (SSP) - meaning the only thing you need to shoot it is pellets and a target. No required Co2 or compressed air (CA). Just pull the cocking bar out and push it back, place a pellet in the breech, aim, and shoot.

The Baikal IZH-46M is often called an entry level air pistol for serious air pistol competitions. Perhaps entry level is speaking to the affordable price, as compared to the $1500 air pistols of world class competitors. Because entry level sure doesn't comment to the Izzy's capabilities.

With an adjustable 2-stage trigger (Adjustable articulated trigger also available), fully adjustable sights, and accuracy beyond the capabilities of 99.999% of the competitive shooters - the IZH-46M is a capable serious competition air pistol - yet, very affordable.

Informational links to help you enjoy and maintain your Izzy

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Trigger adjustment - from Pilkguns
Adjustable articulated trigger option - by Air Venturi
Nygord's Notes - Shooting Tips from Olympian, Don Nygord
Replacing IZH46 Piston Seal - from Pilkguns
Woods & Waters IZH Grips

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