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Machine Gun fun

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Author Gorlock

803 Rating: 2.8/5 (122 votes cast)

Machine Gun Fun  
Showing off My Pyramid Products

Posted By: Gorlock
22 August 2010 21:20

Machine gun funny...  
These two "blokes" seem to be having entirely too much fun. Colonel 2 does mention "Pyramid Air" some 14 times. Reckon he likes their products? I'm going to look at the catalogs online now. It looks like too much fun so it must be.

Posted By: Rabbicaiaphas
24 August 2010 03:08

The best video entry by far  
This video is great! it is not only educational it is halarious as well! Cast your vote for these 2 "Blokes" they deserve to win! Good luck Colonel's!

Posted By: Neinasgotagun
28 August 2010 00:15

Safety first  
This movie shows gun safety as well of some of the fun in just watching it! I think these guys are funny yet love to shoot their pistols and machine guns.

Posted By: Davidgun
31 August 2010 01:55

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