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Pellet Choices

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Author Bill Clarke

Deciding what pellet or pellets you are going to shoot in your airguns can be as simple as a trip to Wal-Mart and buying whatever they offer.

Or, you can choose to understand what pellets are all about. Learn about the various pellet designs, their recommended purposes, weights, and calibers. Straight Shooters does a fine job of explaining all the jargon and specifics about pellets in their articles: Airgun and Pellets-A Closer Look and Choosing the "Right" Pellet.

Lastly, how do you choose the perfect pellet for your particular airgun? You could go out and buy many different tins of pellets, then start shooting them to see how they perform in your airgun. Or, you can order sampler packs of pellets from Gamo sampler pack from Pyramyd or the RWS sampler pack from Pyramyd. The sampler packs from Straight Shooters consist of 25 each of many makes/styles of pellets. The sampler packs from Gamo consist of small tins containing 250 pellets each of four styles and the RWS sampler is made up of 100 each of five styles.

You should also read the chart Pellet Weights by Russ Best and AIRGUN PELLET SPECIFICATIONS CHART from

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