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Pellet sizes?

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Author Donwalk

are they really 'premier'?

i picked up a couple of tins of these pellets from my local big 5 sporting goods store with the hopes that they would be what i was looking for; they were...and weren't.

insofar as hard hitting, they are...accurate? not exactly 'tack drivers'

the single most disconcerting feature i found is they don't really fit...most don't anyway. i miked some and found them to be somewhat undersized both around the head and skirt. several in the batch i miked were as much as 0.014" undersized at the head and 0.012" at the skirt; some actually dropped out of the breech if the rifle was angled upward at the muzzle with the bolt open. to me, that's not good.

i did not weigh each and every one individually but found them to be consistantly at the 14.0 grain mark.

i did shoot a few thru the chronograph, though...i was very pleasantly surprised to them averaging over 900 FPS! not bad for a seemingly, sloppy fitting pellet as a whole.

i decided to go ahead and shoot them for "testing" and "sighting in" purposes and just general 'plinking'.

in spite of the (to me, anyway) obvious shortcomings of the pellets, they were amazingly accurate and consistant.

i guess i will keep and shoot what i have, and i certainly will not rule out purchasing more in the future, but i think my quest will continue. i'm certain there are better pellets available for the same dollar.

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