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Shooting bench plans - pedestal

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Author Bill Clarke

Basic Shooting Table

A shooting bench/ table can greatly add to the comfortability and stability with which you shoot. A good bench should be at the proper height, tailored to the individual shooter. It should provide a good solid base to prevent unwanted shifting during foreign. This Particular table is designed for primarily air gun use, yet could be used for light rifles and pistols as well.

To begin the project I had to figure out a way to support the bench top. I was fortunate that a co-worker was tossing three restaurant table bases. These probably could be found at surplus or used restaurant supply stores, or scrap yards perhaps. I grabbed one and re-coated it with a do-it-yourself spray on bed liner (available at most hardware stores), this finish will provide long lasting rust protection.

Next was to decide on a shape for the top. I Googled™ "shooting bench" and came up with many variations. After looking at many ranging from scrap material specials to all out professional shooting systems, I decided on a basic shape for the top.

tb1.jpg (64729 bytes)

Rough measurements for the table top are:

plansb.jpg (48194 bytes)

Corners are rounded of course. I used 3/4" MDF (available at larger home stores) for the top material. Plywood would work, but make sure it doesn’t flex when pressure is applied.

tb4.jpg (79427 bytes)

To set the top on the table base, I first positioned the top where it was best balanced. Next I had to align the base feet with the notch in the top so as to keep the table feet out of the shooters way. I used over length bolts in case I needed to add a second layer of bench top to the table. I also made sure to counter sink the bolt heads to keep them from snagging anything during use.

tb3.jpg (45276 bytes)tb2.jpg (31553 bytes)

Finish is up to the individual, could be sealed, painted, or covered in vinyl or other materials. Lastly, get out there and shoot on it. Useful accessories for shooting benches include: sandbags (front and rear of rifle varieties) and adjustable front rests.

Good Luck!

-Klayton Kidd

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