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Shooting bench plans - steel

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Author Bill Clarke
Homemade Sturdy Shooting Bench
by Manuel Ferran

I designed and built the following shooting bench. It is sturdily made out of steel and plywood with leveling feet and can be disassembled for transportation into 4 flat parts by removing 8 bolts and nuts.


Here are detailed plans and list of materials:

Shooting Bench List of Materials:
1 ea. 16 ga 1"x1"x 20' square steel tube (for top frame)
1 ea. 12 ga 2"x 2" x 20' square steel tube (for leg assemblies and brace fabrication)
10 ea. 2"x 2" tube end PVC cap
Welding wire or rods (depending on your welding equipment)
1/3 sheet 3/4" plywood (top)
1/3 sheet plastic laminate (top)
2 ea. 5/8"x 5" hex head bolt (to attach the brace tube between the two leg assemblies)
4 ea. 5/8"x 2" hex head bolt (leveling feet)
4 ea. 5/8" flat washer
2 ea. 5/8" lock washer
6 ea. 5/8" hex nut
4 ea. 5/8" jam nut
6 ea. 5/16"x 4" hex head bolt (to attach the metal top frame between the two leg assemblies)
12 ea. 5/16" flat washer
12 ea. 5/16" lock washer
6 ea. 5/16" hex nut
12 ea. #8 x 1-1/2" phillip flat head wood screw (to attach the wood top to the metal top frame)
1 qt. industrial strenght contact cement
1 qt. enamel paint
1 qt. lacquer thinner
1 pint acetone
1 qt. mineral spirits (if enamel is oil based only)

Measuring and marking tools (measuring tape, square, pencil, scratch awl, centering punch)
Metal cutting and welding equipment
Angle metal grinder with abrasive disk
Eye, body and breathing protection gear
Power drill with 3/4", 3/8" and 3/16" hi-speed metal drill bits
Metal file
SS wire brush
Wood saw
Router or Laminate Trimmer with laminate trimming bit
Sanding block with 100 grit sandpaper
1-1/2" cheap bristle brush (for laminate edging)
Laminate pressing roller
3" painting roller handle with adhesive applicator roller
Paint spraying equipment (desired but not mandatory)
Cleaning rags
Phillips screwdriver
15/16" and 1/2" wrenches

8 hr aproximate building and finishing time
$70 aproximate materials cost

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