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Sheridan Streak springs.

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Having asked this question on British Airgun forums and not received a sensible answer, I have come to the home of the Sheridan Model 'C' pump up for the correct answer.
The Model 'C' has two springs of different sizes and lengths, seperated by a washer between the intake and exhaust valves. What is the reasoning behind the use of these different sized springs, and can one longer spring be used to replace them without it having a detrimental effect on the power/operation of the rifle?
Thanks, Eric

The reason there are two separate springs is to create a lower force for the intake valve and still have a stronger return spring for the exhaust valve.
I wouldn't try to replace them both with one spring. I don't know what the benefit would be, the existing system works very well. You can lighten the exhaust spring a little if you are trying to get it to dump more air with over-pumping (more than 8) The "steroid" after market tune will dump 14 pumps I believe.

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