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Expected accuracy for the Daisy Powerline 008

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As I read the reviews for this gun on the forum, the accuracy seems to receive high grades. I just purchased this gun, and it is a delightful air gun in all respects from my perspective with the exception of one thing - accuracy. When bracing against a post, taking up trigger slack and with a good sight on the target, when a round is squeezed off it always goes a few inches left. The factory claims a 2.1" group at 10 meters, but mentioned nothing about where the group would end up. In my case left.

The gun really becomes useless to me in that there is no point of doing any target shooting or plinking due to the inaccuracy. I can easily compensate and put my shots into the bull on a 10 meter air gun target, but that is not the way to shoot. They have offered to replace the gun, but prior to going through the hassle and expense of packing and returning it, I wanted to get some feedback. Based on the cost, it almost seems to be a waste of money to undergo the expense of shipping not knowing if the replacement would be any better. I'm thinking of simply chalking it up to experience and finding a gun that has some reasonable accuracy.

As an aside, I do have a Daisy 777 target pistol which I can put 10 out of 10 into a 10 meter bull, but I was hoping to find more of a C02 type toy to play with that has reasonable accuracy and feels as good as the 008 does. I guess I might have to consider one with an adjustable sight. Thanks for any input.

Check how you are holding the rifle;possibly you are moving your shoulder/torso to the right during the follow-through while the pellet is still in the barrel. Try letting someone else shoot the gun to see if it is you or the gun. I used to have a Glock pistol that I thought was shooting about 6 inches low at 15 yards. I let a couple other guys shoot it and the gun was right on...turns out I was putting too much pressure with my support hand and was forcing the gun down at the shot.

  Group Size

In general, a 2 inch group is not a target gun at 10 meters. It is a plinking gun to have fun. Adjustable sight is a must if you want to shot bull eyes at 10 meter or you will be frustrated. CO2 is also a temperature dependent guns, can have issues depending upon were you live.

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