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Lost 2 to cats!

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Last year I shot a grey squirrel with my Sheridan Blue Streak after it had gnawed a hole in the side of my house; it fell to the ground beside the house. Just as it landed, a cat ran out from behind some bushes and grabbed it! I figured that would never happen again.
Yesterday I found a ground squirrel under the hood of my wife's car. A few minutes later, it was back again, sitting on the walkway whistling to his friends like he owned the place. I was tired of the damage and did not want him setting up a bachelor pad in my wife's car. I pumped up my Crossman 1377 pistol and shot him with a H&N wadcutter at 15 yards. The pellet hit him cleanly in his head and he rolled onto his back. I took one step towards it to retrieve it when a black cat (I recognized it from around the neighborhood) sped from behind a tree in my neighbors yard and snatched up the ground squirrel without breaking stride!
Might have to something about them next...:mad:

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