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Other information
MusicClassic Country
SnacksHardy food - like steak and potatoes. Enjoy lobster and other seafood too.
DrinksIrish Whiskey and Guinness Stout
Edits 49
Personal information
Real nameBill Clarke
LocationUpstate New York,
OccupationI am semi-retired. That means I am so busy now that I wonder how I used to get everything done when I was working full time.
WebsitesMy other hobby is Ham Radio.
Places I have livedToo many to list - the bill collectors are still trying to figure out where I am.
SchoolsI have a collection of sheep-skins on the wall. At this point in life, they really don't mean much. They basically say - Been There and Done That.
About meI started shooting in competitions back in the 60s. There has been a lot of water under the bridge since then and about all the competitions I shoot now are eMail and Postal Matches.

I got into airguns because I can do all my shooting in my home range (heated) and the air is much cleaner (very good for the sinuses!). I shoot several times a day - life is good!

I originated AirgunInfo and ran it for a number years. I am now heavily involved with AirgunArena.

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