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Personal information
Real nameChuck Jones
LocationEast Peoria, Illinois
HometownEast Peoria, Illinois
BirthdaySeptember 29th
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posted 2941 days ago
Bill Clarke

Match: AR Benchrest-lucky Confirmation Code: AGA09312010-ARBench-Chuck3e

Congratulations! You are a winner in an Airgun Arena eMatch competition.

To collect your Pyramyd Air Gift e-Card please follow these instructions: Visit and create a customer account - Place an order for the appropriate valued Gift e-Card - During checkout choose 'Check' as the payment method - In the order comments section, provide the above Confirmation Code (identifies this as an Airgun Arena e-Match prize winning).

Once the order is received and approved, you will be notified via email with your Pyramyd Air Gift e-Card.

Good luck in all your shooting!

Bill Clarke

posted 2998 days ago

I saw those four shows last year that Outdoor Channel ran, and so far I've managed two or three on S. Channel, one with Tom and a couple with Paul and Chrystal, but I did see that show where they sort of smugly introduced inexperienced Chrystal to shooting a pistol by starting at 5 feet or so, and she just kept on tearing out the center of the bull no matter how far they moved her back. She's really a heckuva shot, and in one of the other shows, she said she is right handed and left eye dominant to boot!

I really respect women shooters, since a woman in our local club is by far the best shot--she's a Triple Distinguished NRA shooter in pistol, rifle, and shotgun--and even though I am one of three guys who consistently win our Mon. night .22 pistol Bullseye matches if she's not there, she always beats me by 20 points or more. Keeps us humble. Take a look at sometime. I guess it's too far from Peoria to invite you to shoot with us, huh?

I notice there seems to be a blip in the transition to August. Rimfire Central has the same problem with some of its on-line matches.

Shoot 10-X!

posted 2999 days ago

Chuck (CJ,jr): That is a great aphorism about insanity, but I had an experience similar to yours. I read your air gun blog comments about taking apart your 953. Last Dec. I managed to wedge a pellet in the barrel. I then took took a rod and rammed it down from the muzzle (all the while knowing I was committing a no-no) and really screwed up by pushing the rod through the chamber, the loading dock, and sticking it immobile back in the bolt ( or whatever the cocking mechanism is called). I assumed I'd killed the gun, so I immediately ordered another 953 and put that one aside. Later in the winter I decided I could do no further damage and I sat down at my desk with a screw driver and took the entire thing apart. I was amazed I could do it. Moreover, I was so impressed with myself I pulled out the rod and put the gun back together. To my shock and surprise, it not only worked OK but the terrible trigger creep was improved (sound familiar?) and it was more accurate than ever. I was emboldened to start to do more simple gunsmithing. I bought some tools, looked at sites on the web, and the next thing was to build a custom Ruger 10/22 with a bull barrel and match trigger and hammer components. I've continued since then--just finished a target hammer installation for a friend--and I'm having much fun. The moral, if there is one, is don't stop now. With some instructions from web sites, a glossary of firearms and airgun terms, and a few tools, you can do a lot. However, I do think the plus or minus 270 with a 953 is not going to ever get much better.

posted 3028 days ago

Chuck: I'm not too irritated. I did e-mail Bill and he said he'd contact Pyramyd, but nothing. Not worth any more effort from my point of view.

By the way, did you try the Bronco on the e-Match target? It sounds like a very attractive gun, but I have hesitated to take on a springer because I want to maintain firearms technique--the springer/artillery hold stuff sounds like it would mess that up.

posted 3061 days ago

I have shot this target so many times now that I know, without spending a lot of money (which I'd rather spend on firearms) and buying only the best and most expensive pellets, I'll never move out of the 265-270 range. And, I've decided I am enjoying this, so why worry? I admit I was really pleased one month to do well with my humble Crosman 1377, and I was sad to lose that gun to a flood in our basement (terrible storm that was likened to a Cat. 3 hurricane) that took out my range. The Daisy 953 was high on a shelf, so it survived. I got the range put back together, but I'm buying a new rifle in .223 to shoot centerfire benchrest matches, and that turns out to be expensive both for the gun and for good ammo. The 953, which you have written that you have also, has a terrible, long creeping, gritty trigger, and the new centerfire is a CZ American with a REALLY light set trigger that goes off at the slightest pressure--I'd guess at a half pound or less.

 Good shooting to you.
posted 3061 days ago

Cuck: By the way, the guys who beats us is shooting a Beeman underlever springer with a Rekord trigger, so no wonder he does better. His gun is listed on PA for $600. My Daisy cost me less than $75.

posted 3061 days ago

CJ, Jr.

Well, you are morally superior to me, and you should be winning these matches. I do three different kinds of firearm competition that are real time and head to head, so this sort of informal airgun match is very relaxing and at the same time good practice--trigger control is trigger control no matter what you are shooting). But I confess that I shoot several times and send in the best for the month. It did not occur to me that this should be one specific time to shoot for score.

posted 3062 days ago

Chuck (or CJ, Jr., as you wish): Once again, I managed to eek out a few more points than you, and I really would like to see you move past me--honestly. I had a really lucky run one night in mid-May and got a 275, which I think is probably the ultimate a 953 can do. As you know, the barrel produces flyers even if the shooter is holding steady and the sight is zeroed. All my other attempts in May were right at a few points over or under 270. My gun seems to like the Exacts RS pellets, but they are too expensive to buy often. I'm back to Hobbys or Basics this month. I enjoy following your posts on the BB Pelletier blog. Do you think he's going to recover? It sounds to me like something serious is going on. PCSA Shooter.