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Other information
MoviesFighting the Giants, Fireproof, Left Behind Series, Terminator series, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Tremors series
TVSeinfeld, I Love Lucy
MusicThe oldies, Anne Murray, Credence Clearwater Revival, Glenn Campbell, Tony Bennett, Josh Groban, Simon & Garfunkle
BooksThe Bible. Anything by Malcolm Gladwell or Seth Godin (although I despise Godin's constant political commentary in his marketing books)
Video gamesWii exercise & fun videos
MagazinesAmerican Rifleman, American Hunter, Mother Earth News, Popular Mechanics, Dell Crossword Puzzles
SnacksGodiva chocolates or truffles at Xmas
DrinksDon't like alcohol very much...but I do enjoy Kahlua, Amaretto, Bailey's Irish Cream, Pina Coladas
Personal information
Real nameEdith Gaylord
Location, Texas
BirthdayAugust 8th
OccupationMarketing, editing, writing
Places I have livedI was born in Shanghai, China. Have also lived in Queens, New Jersey, Florida, Colorado & Maryland. Texas is where I live now, and I hope I never have to leave.
SchoolsBS in business management from Florida Tech University (changed its name to University of Central Florida)
About meI learned to shoot airguns when we discovered a family of mice after we moved into our first home. While I continue to enjoy airguns, I have also embraced firearms, and I am totally head-over-heels in love with the 1911 (in .45 ACP--I'm a traditionalist!). My favorite airgun continues to be the Sheridan Blue Streak. I cut my airgunning teeth on it. Other airguns I like: Sharp CO2 rifle, the Walther PPK/S pistol (liked it so much, I bought the firearm) and the Crosman 1077 (easy to shoot, a repeater & accurate).
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