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posted 2821 days ago

Good morning Keith, you had a real good score in that last match. Great shooting, keep up the good work. Jim K

posted 2822 days ago

Keith, thanks for starting the thread, encouraging shooters to enter the Ematches. I have been lurking around here and have been comparing my scores with the results from completed matches. I wasn't going to enter till my shooting could be at least competitive with the rest of the herd. Your thread made me say what the heck. Well I gotta tell you it is a lot more fun when you put yourself out there:) I recently got an Izzy and it has really helped my scores. I got the trigger tuned exactly how I want it and am working on the stock. It is 100 x better but is slow going as each change is marked by a lot of shooting to see if it was enough. I have been going slow and so far have not had to add back to the stock. Well I am definitely going to make this a regular thing from now on! mahalo and much aloha, Mike

posted 2830 days ago

Keith, I now have the one set of pine grips I did for the blog and have two others in progress. They're both the Walnut. Since my gun is in the shop I have to suspend operations because a lot depends on me getting the grips aligned to the tang properly before I do much more carving. Thanks for asking. -Chuck

posted 2830 days ago

Keith, Yes, I definitely plan to keep shooting here. I'm trying to get into the pistol venue but my IZH-46M locked up on me and I had to send it back to PyramydAir for repairs. I'll be entering the bench rest rifle matches with my 953 and Talon SS again. I'm determined to cross that 170 barrier. I'm not stable enough (yet) to enter any rifle offhand matches. I keep working on it but barely. Hope to see you and your two friends there this month. -Chuck

posted 2838 days ago
Bill Clarke

Try this:


posted 2843 days ago

I find the Crosman 7.9 Super Match & the H&N Target Match 8.64 to be the best in my Izzy at 10M in my basement range.