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Personal information
Real nameRandy Moller
LocationRedding, California
Occupation15 years in the Fire Dept., Hospital, and Ambulance. Burned out working 3 jobs at once, so my wife and I opened our own business. Still going after 30 years.
Places I have livedNorthern California
SchoolsEnough. Even taught some classes in Fire Science, and First Aid. But learning is life long.
About meAge 57. Always enjoyed shooting, but I haven't fired a gun since the late 70's. Got an air rifle in Sept. 2008 to take care of a skunk problem and fell in love with shooting again. Set up an outdoor course on my property with 18 stations, and purchased a couple more rifles :-) Got a pistol in mid-July 2009 just to have fun, but now I'm hooked on 10 meter targets, and want to do competitions. Got my first match rifle in Nov. 2009. Too early to tell if I'm suited for the discipline, but I love the gun and the accuracy. Just wished I had started shooting air guns earlier.
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posted 3025 days ago

I can come over your way several times a year and would be interested in joing you club.

posted 3025 days ago

Just getting into airguns, I live on the coast in Arcata. Would like to get a Field target group going sometime. Maybe we can pull our resources.

posted 3128 days ago

Randy; Great shooting and Congradulations on your win. Keep up the good work.

posted 3359 days ago


Keep me posted on your airgun club in Redding. It's hard to imagine I'll have much time for a couple years - and I fly fishing a lot when I do - but I'd love to hear about it and see if I can make it sometime.

posted 3463 days ago
David Alaways

Give me a call I like your attitude, I placed 2nd this year at state , won it last year in free pistol, 3rd in air. I live in Chico, the best in Ca, right now is Bickar in the bay area. He was beaten by Tony Silva girl friend( hes in merced , shes in LA.) cant remember her name but she made it to the Olympics last year. Tonys about 4th in the state and now Im 3rd , but I have very little experience and that really helps. Matches r easy nothing to worry about ! BA BA BA and I hate to type so call me 530 570 7805...David

posted 3464 days ago
David Alaways

where r u from? The 3xs air match now called the winter championships is the best match in the US. Its actually in 2 weeks but with your scores you should be ready to compete next year. Its an incredible experience, you shot against the best in the nation, stay and eat at the Olympic training center, GREAT FOOD! $40 a day for a room and all you can eat and drink. 3 matches, I just wish they had more training there, we get to listen to John Zurek during the meals (thats like a coaching session) someone always says "did someone tape that?" John is the #1 senior shooter in the nation and just about won every NRA national championship this year.If you didnt know you become a senior at 45. Just from what you wrote I beleive your high could become your average with enough training............David

posted 3481 days ago
Bill Clarke

Hello Randy,

Glad to welcome you aboard and hope you enjoy AirgunArena.

Bill Clarke