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Varmint Hunting with the AA S410 FAC

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Author Jim Chapman

I was recently invited on a predator hunt in West Texas, to help thin out the coyotes and bobcats causing some headaches for a local rancher. The land was being converted to a wildlife / hunting preserve, but after years of a no hunting policy by the past owner, predators had gotten out of control. Predator hunting experts Cody Brunette and Chris Keys had been asked to come in and control their numbers, and asked if I’d like to come with them. Knowing my fondness for airguns, they mentioned I should bring one along to take a side trip for prairie dogs and jackrabbits. They told me there was a population explosion on another of the ranches they take care of. Well, this sounded like a winning deal to me; predators all night and varmint in the day! Continued [1]


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