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Why Buy a Gas-Spring Airgun

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Author Bill Clarke

I read a recent advertisement from Pyramyd that gave the following reasons for buying a gas-spring (gas ram) airgun:

1. Smoother cocking
2. Smoother shooting
3. Less recoil
4. No spring torque
5. No spring fatigue (even if cocked for hours!)
6. Functions perfectly in all weather
7. Lasts longer than a metal spring
8. Comes installed

Bonus reason:
9. More accurate than the same gun with a metal spring (because of improved shooting characteristics)

My Nitro in .177 is living proof of all the above. Of all my airguns, when it comes to serious airgun use - I enjoy and shoot my Nitro the most.

It is the first medium/high power spring type airgun I have owned. I never cared for the recoil of the big springs and all the "needed" tuning to make them smooth.

The Nitro is nice to shoot and not much more difficult to cock than my R7. Quite smooth firing with only straight back recoil. There is no torque - as there is no spring.

When I am in the woods I can leave the gun cocked for hours and have no worries about spoiling the spring. Also, I don;t have to worry about really cold weather causing the spring tar to become stiff. None used in a gas spring gun.

This article is not written as hype - I have a Nitro and it is a keeper. To me, it is the gas spring that makes it a keeper.

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