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Author Donwalk
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no doubt about the my mind and estimation  
since writing the above article, I've made changes in sighting devices to further exploit the capabilities if this fine rifle. i purchased a better rear peep and an adjustable front, hooded, sight.rnrni found the new open sights to be quite acceptable, accuracy-wise, but...the single bad factor necessitated another change...low light shooting conditions.rnrnwhen shooting in normal, day lighted conditions, the peeps work fine. later/earlier in the day or very early hours prior to the sun coming up/going down, call for a different application.rnrnthe solution? a red-dot sighting device. rnrnit worked out very easily and simply: use the peeps during day light hours and the red dot under low light conditions.rnrnboth are very easily removed and re-installed with little or no adjustment in sighting adjustments required.rnrnin sighting in both devices i use a golf ball at 35 yards. my reasoning is that a golf ball is the size of most of the vermin around here heads. i reason that if i can hit it (the golf ball), i can hit them (the vermin) with a head shot. after final adjustments, i found i was able to hit the golf ball five out of five shots from 35 yards and four out of five shots with the red dot device. not bad...not bad at all. i was shooting from a bagged rest and using wadcutter pellets. i believe that i will find it to be even more accurate once i find the best pellets for this rifle.rnrnI'll post an update as i move forward.

Posted By: Donwalk
8 March 2010 16:03

another update  
I've been 'experimenting' with various pellets (Beeman, Benjamin, Crosman & Gamo, so far...) from this rifle and have found the Benjamin, Crosman and Gamo to be the most accurate so far. all are round, or dome. (and...keep in mind, this is a .22 caliber rifle) they shoot very accurately with the open sights i prefer with the smallest 5 shot group being 0.700" CTC @ a measured 20 yards and being shot with the Benjamin domed, diabolos with the Crosman and Gamos VERY close behind. (bear in mind...a penny is 0.750" OD) i was somewhat disappointed with the performance of the Beeman pellets i selected as they grouped at 1.200" CTC @ 20 yards. my selection of the Beeman Silver Arrows and Beeman Crow Magnums was based on my use of them in my .177 rifles in the past proving them to be highly accurate. i intend to get some JSB, H&N's and Beeman Kodiaks for testing in the near future. but for the moment, these pellets will do just fine. one thing that 'limits' me though, is the availability of JSB's here in the area where i live...there ain't any! i gotta order them from the internet and the price of S&H is sometimes excruciating. some of the local gun and sporting goods stores stock Beeman, Crosman and Benjamin but seldom do you find them in .22...when i do see them, i grab them. i was also astonished to see the Beeman Silver Arrows were not very well cleaned and had lots of flashings and swarf from casting. i cleaned the remainder of the pellets left in the tin and will try them again. lets see what happens with them now. i like Beeman Silver Arrows and i would like to get better performance from them.

Posted By: Donwalk
30 July 2010 17:51

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