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Author Jim Chapman
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Gas Ram - Gas Strut - HW90 - for hunting  
I use a HW90 in .22 for hunting. Mainly rabbits and hares.Up to 40m.I can't crack the up to 50m mark yet to say I've before consistant at that distance. I use a silencer.rnrnMy accuracy is frustrating. But its a learning curve and the physics behind the setup that is quite compelling.rnrnI've practiced endlessly with holding a 0.22 HW90 at 26bar (approx 20ftlb) using 14.5gr to 16gr JSB rounded pellets. I've found one video on YouTube which I found relevant to my situation. See FT SHOOTING POSITIONSrnrn have tried all positions. They don't mention holding the gun loosely or otherwise on this video but that might be assumed. The airgun seems to be a HW77. rnrnIn terms of keeping my scope and airgun axis "lined up" with more experience I go back and set up my scope mounts all over again. The stop pin (made from rolled up metal) under the mount takes alot of pounding from the HW90. It was so deformed I had to make a new one. Now it has a metal rod inserted into it (made from a 2mm allen key). The mount is a English mount AOP55 (sports mount AOP one piece medium height with droop, windage adj). I use Leopold EFR so scope destruction is not a problem.rnrnI have also regulated the air pressure in the HW90 from a low of 12 bar all the way up to the 26bar max. This is so that I could train with the HW90. Hitting targets at 13bar at 30m was very consistant. I use a calibrated pressure guage to make sure I did not damage the piston seal at 26bar. I use a shock pump with its own dial and it was showing that the pressures were in fact 1 bar down. So when I want 26bar I have to pump to 27bar.rnrnJust my thoughtsrnrnRyszrnrn

Posted By: Rysz
28 March 2009 19:48

Good article  
When I hunt, regardless of what rifle I am using, it must be accurate and reliable. I have found simpler is better, so I use my R9 springer or my ancient 5mm Sheridan Blue Streak for hunting. A PCP needs too much support stuff for me, but that could change.

Posted By: Twyand
22 May 2012 16:34

Nothing wrong with a springer  
I've got more than 50 pcps and still get out with a break barrel pretty frequently. Also carry one as back up to my pcp when traveling to hunt, I agree simple can be better ....... Especially if complex isn't working :)

Posted By: Jim Chapman
22 May 2012 19:10

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