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Author Bill Clarke



Competitive shooters are generally scattered far and wide geographically, so it is often not possible to compete shoulder-to-shoulder in competitive matches. To accommodate everyone interested in shooting competitively, postal matches were designed.

Originally, postal matches operated either under stiff ISSF or NRA rules using only standard targets. Competitors sent their unscored targets to a central location for scoring and posting of match results. Today, using the Internet, postal matches have evolved into eMatches, which operate electronically. Scores are entered by the shooters and match results are available immediately after a match is completed. In all cases - honesty and integrity is key to postal and eMatches.

Regarding rules, most postal and eMatches operate in a relaxed mode. Sporting airgun shooters are encouraged to compete and a variety of sights are allowed. Matches are operated for air pistol and air rifle venues. Links for competition information and matches are below.

TargetShooting Canada Postal Matches - premier matches for skilled target shooter
Ukrainian Shooting Federation
CMP National Match Air Rifle
NRA's Air Gun Competition (PDF)
Field Target

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