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Air Rifle Benchrest - December 2010


Monthly Air Rifle eMatch - any sights / downloaded 10-Meter Benchrest target at 10 meters / 30 shots in 30 minutes / Scoring: a 10 (ten) is fully within the black center and NOT touching the white ring - a 9 (nine) is fully or partially within the white and NOT touching the orange ring - an 8 (eight) is fully or partially within the orange ring and NOT breaking the outer edge of that ring. ALL other hits count as 0 (zero) - Max score: 300 / Position: any unsecured front rest. Bipods are acceptable.

Starting at 1 December 2010
Ending at 31 December 2010
Posted by Bill Clarke
Scores 3 entrie(s)

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Competitor State/Country AP make/model Pellets used Score Date shot
ADC Trapper Tennessee USA IZH Biakal MP-532 10 Meter Rifle RWS R10 7.0 Gr. 270 20 December 2010
Gerry Rhode Island Air Arms TX-200 mkIII JSB EXACT Heavy .177 270 24 December 2010
Yosemite Sam Texas, USA Daisy Avanti 887 Beeman Wadcutters 1235 270 30 December 2010