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Silhouette Air Pistol Match - - - November #2 2009


Biweekly Air Pistol eMatch - any sights/Beeman Short Range Silhouette Target at 6 meters/20 shots in 20 minutes/Scoring: touching the black is 5 points and fully within the black is 10 points - Max score: 200/Position: standing one hand unsupported.

Starting at 16 November 2009
Ending at 29 November 2009
Posted by Bill Clarke
Scores 2 entrie(s)

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Competitor State/Country AP make/model Pellets used Score Date shot
Bill Clarke NY/USA Pardini K2S RWS10 125 21 November 2009
Randy152 Northern California, USA Steyr LP10 Beretta Ultra Match 105 24 November 2009