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25 March 2009  

Author Clamdigger
Things I liked: It is one heavy duty rifle, very well put together at the factory. The bluing is 1st class and the solid wood stock has a very nice finish on it. When it shoots you know it. This will kill an elephant if you can carry enough ammo to do the job. But being honest it is a very nice, well built rifle. As the accuracy, it is really to heavy to hunt with all day and to brake it all day, well hope you have the arms to do it all.
Things I would have changed: My God this thing weighs in at 11 lbs. At the end of the day it weights about 3 1/2 ton's. Got to be a real Paul Bunyan for this rifle. Not a child's toy that is for sure.
What others should know: Just to big and heavy for any accuracy even with a scope which I have on it an old style weaver, but a keeper. I mostly keep this one at home, but should I need some real killing to do, possums,skunks,coyotes I will use this big .25 machine. I do the little stuff with my Gamo camo CSI gas spring .22
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24 August 2007  

Things I liked: extreme power goes through three maxwell house coffee cans at 50'. Killed a foX with it at 40 yards, went down like it got hit with a 22 magnum centerfire rifle. This gun is deadly and should only be used for hunting.
Things I would have changed: nothing its a beautiful air rifle and meant for a man.
What others should know: Gun will ruin scopes if not the right kind of airgun scope
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