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7 January 2009  

Things I liked: this rifle is great!... the scope is very nice.. very accurate INSANE POWER. i have a game hunter extreme .177 and i have this lamp post its solid steel (outside) and the .177 barley but dents . i shot it 1x with this gun i looked in my cross hairs and said o crap thats not a dent.. it blew a 1/2 inch in diameter hole right threw it and threw the light and dented the other side.. THATS SICK POWER.
Things I would have changed: a little loud, my neighbors probally will complain.. o well..
What others should know: with my HPA tank i had from my paintball gun the 1st couple of shots (7-10) breaks the sound barrier and lets out a crack that echos like a real .22 but after that its not bad.. and with CO2 the 1st 3 shots go past the sound barrier and emit a nasty co2 cloud but that might just be because its winter and im shooting outside. But they HPA goes faster and a little bit louder but unless ur shooting steel plates ull see the difference, not if ur hunting its just gona kill no matter what ur shooting
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10 November 2008  

Things I liked:  I liked the length of this rifle, it make for easy handling in tight places. Quality is ok for the money although I've had some springers, this is my first PCP. With wad cutter pellets was able to put 5 in a quarter size group at 30 yards from the bench. When I first opened the package the gun came apart in my hands. The bolt that connects the stock to the barrel assembly had been drilled to deep and the shoulder was so thin the head of the bolt went right through the wood. I put a washer in there and there was enough shoulder to hold it.
Things I would have changed:  I'd like a little harder wood and a longer stock. I'd also change the trigger to metal. But with all the changes I'd make you wouldn't get it for that price, I guess.
What others should know:  The scope, which I thought was pretty good for the buck, didn't come with high enough scope rings. The front scope cover was so thick it was pinched between the barrel and the scope making the front telescopic adjustment impossible. I ran into some problems during shipping and received NO help at the email desk. I finally called and received some very good help on the phone.
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