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23 March 2009  

Things I liked: Nice looks, and nice aluminum.
Things I would have changed: Screws are too wimpy and heads strip before getting tight. Allen wrench does not fit properly. Should use larger screws at base, and at ring caps.
What others should know: Really not usable as they come for a spring gun. Quality looking product hampered by poor screws.
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Value for money:

15 March 2009  

Things I liked: The quality is fairly good for the price. Also, they are adjustable up to 13mm.
Things I would have changed: I would use better quality fasteners, because the heads seem to strip easily.
What others should know: The socket heads for the screws are odd sized, a metric 3mm allen key is slightly too large and will not fit. A standard 7/64 allen key is slightly too small, which causes the heads to strip easily, but it is the only one that fits. It would probably be o.k. if the screws were made from harder steel.
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15 October 2008  

Things I liked: Reasonably priced and good build quality.
Things I would have changed: The fasteners used are junk. If you can find some decent 6/40 socket head screws go ahead and buy them up front. The ones supplied will strip before getting tight.
What others should know: 
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Value for money:

29 January 2008  

Things I liked: very nice rings, easy installation, smooth compact profile compared to other budget priced rings
Things I would have changed: stop pin is a bit loose in it's threads and very small in diameter compared to the recess in the top of my HW95s receiver. threads feel like they could be stripped with too much torque, maybe a harder alloy or larger screws?
What others should know: I replaced the thin wobbly stop pin with a longer hardened socket/set screw of the same thread, this feels more secure than the supplied stop pin did.
Overall rating:
Value for money:

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