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8 August 2010  

Author Airgunr
Things I liked: Does what it's supposed to do.
Things I would have changed: Nothing.
What others should know: Use sparingly. I've been using it for years.
Overall rating:
Value for money:

1 July 2008  

Things I liked: Works very well ,and when used as directed it does not damage your gun. This cleaner gets dirt & lead that you can't see out of your bore. The pistol I cleaned today looked fine , but after running the cleaner in the bore I could see LOTS of grime. After waiting 3 minutes , It took 6 dry patches and another swab of the cleaner to remove everything. When I put a patch with 1 drop of mp5 oil, I even got a little more grime.
Things I would have changed: Make differant sizes.
What others should know: A little goes a long way. This cleaner will get LOTS of grime you CAN'T see out of you gun/s. It will remove the lead dust & dirt from your gun improving accuracy and the life of you weapon. Safe for air-guns. No harsh chemicals. Be sure to put 1-2 drops of Beeman mp-5 oil on a patch and coat your bore so no damage occurs. Get a few bottles of this AGE cleaner because this stuff is hard to find.
Overall rating:
Value for money:

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