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24 February 2009  

Things I liked: Looks great, lightweight (aluminum), nice finish.
Things I would have changed: More availability for other barrel diameters.
What others should know: This looks great on my cut-down B3-4. Fits perfectly on the barrel. Great price for a nice piece of trim. Does NOT fit on QB-78 family with 15mm barrels, Will fit loosely on 14mm barrels.
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Value for money:

9 January 2009  

Things I liked: The Beeman Ported Muzzlebrake fit my TF-89 like it was made for it. Quality of manufacture, fit, and finish were all good for the $22.00 price paid. Don't know for sure if the porting really reduces muzzle rise but it does look good on my rifle.
Things I would have changed: Nothing...This muzzlebreak looks better then factory , porting gives it a non slip texture.
What others should know: Fits Beeman RS series, TF-89 and Titan.
Overall rating:
Value for money:

23 December 2008  

Things I liked: Fits my Beeman RS series barrels like a glove, looks good, provides additional leverage for cocking
Things I would have changed: Either use larger set screws or provide a spare - I stripped the hex head out tightening one down.
What others should know: I pulled the (glued on) plastic front sight off of my Beeman RS series barrels and replaced them with these muzzle breaks. They fit perfectly, the front screw sets in just a little deeper because the barrel is turned down a little under the old sight but there is plenty of contact area for a secure fit. I can't say if these make me shoot any better but they sure look better than the cheesy plastic sight the comes on the Beeman barrels.
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Value for money:

15 December 2008  

Things I liked: Well made and excellent quality!
Things I would have changed: Can't think of anything that could be better
What others should know: 
Overall rating:
Value for money:

8 November 2008  

Things I liked: Clean nice fit and lightweight, made cocking easier.
Things I would have changed: None
What others should know: This makes your gun look good!
Overall rating:
Value for money:

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