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11 March 2009  

Things I liked: Very high quality. Works perfectly. Immediate increase in velocity and accuracy. Using with a 9oz CO2 tank makes the gun not too heavy, and is the perfect butt stock length. Great product.
Things I would have changed: I would possibly change the angle between the gun and the bottle (angle the butt stock adapter about 5-10 degrees down), and shorten the hose (although it may be this length to trap liquid CO2 under heavy shooting in the bottom loop?)
What others should know: Pyramyd Air is the only place to get this item. Bravo for supplying it. Shipped on time. A must-have for any Drozd owner. Adding 8 2/3AA 3.6v lithium batteries instead of the 6AA batteries will further enhance this upgrade. If you can speak Russian (like me) go to to learn more about the Drozd and how to further enhance it. This is by far the best bulk CO2 adapter for the Drozd available on the market today.
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30 March 2008  

Things I liked: the ability to connect a larger co2 source ,saves changing powerlets every 2 mags
Things I would have changed: the ngle at which the bottle attaches to the gun ,needs to more angled otherwise liquid co2 floods the gun ande would require a syphon to be fitted to the bottle
What others should know: very promp delivery to the uk five days in total
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2 March 2008  

Things I liked: ease of putting on gun, well built
Things I would have changed: 
What others should know: this is much better than changing tanks every 3ed reload, 24 oz tank last me for quite some time, glad i went this route.
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22 October 2007  

Things I liked: Well built and strong.
Things I would have changed: Drop the angle of fit where the air bottle attaches to the metal stock fitting. That would allow the shooter a better line of sight for aiming. The straight line of the current design does not allow for a good sight picture. Also, the air hose is a bit rigid and should be replaced with flexible coil type.
What others should know: With this device and a 20oz. CO2 bottle you can shoot all day. I get mine charged at our local Acedemy sporting goods store for less than $4.00. Bulk air is the way to go.
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