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7 August 2008  

Things I liked: Highly Accurate, Amazing fit & finish. The wood is beautiful and all the parts are nice metal. Nothing cheap and plastic. Break barrel is very smooth. The trigger system is dead on. Light and crisp.. just what the doctor ordered. The gun also is pretty quiet.... my neighbors cant hear it, and I even shoot inside the house too.
Things I would have changed: Nothing I can think of.
What others should know: I have the .22 version and it works great for that extra punch in hunting. I've found JSB Exacts to be the most accurate for this rifle.
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26 July 2008  

Things I liked: Factory mounted scope (Bushnell) is dead on. Trigger is equal or better than my Accutrigger on my Savage HMR. The rifle is well balanced and the wood finish is excellent. I can easily hold a dime sized grouping at 20 yards and I would expect this to improve with age. It is very easy to cock and light enough in weight to carry around without getting fatigued.
Things I would have changed: A air venturi ram air gas spring would allow for more stealthy hunting. I would like to see speeds of 900 to 1000 ft/sec to allow for longer kill shots.
What others should know: The saying "Out of the box Accuracy" must have originated with this rifle. The rifle claims to have been zeroed in at 10 yards at the factory by a gunsmith. My first 3 shots at 20 yards required a slight elevation change - that is it. Ever since sighting in I have been holding half-inch groupings at 20 yards. I do not doubt that with time, accuracy will improve. The rifle may be a bit pricey to some but believe me, you get more than your money's worth. Best groupings with: Gamo Hunter 15.3 gr Diabolo Exact Jumbo Express 14.3 gr Benjamin Domed 14.3 gr.
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23 January 2008  

Things I liked: This gun I have in .20 Cal. This thing is dead on every time!! The cocking effort is very minimal and delivers great power.
Things I would have changed: Trigger is a little too touchy, but once you get used to it you really begin to appreciate it.
What others should know: This gun in .20 Cal. is so accurate with Crow Mags and Predators it's scary!! The Bushnell scope is really a nice addition to the gun. The adjustable lens is a great feature and works! Pay up kids!! It's WORTH IT!!
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