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8 July 2008  

Things I liked: Very good battery,last long,gives your airsoft gun a high rate of fire,and its a good brand battery too.
Things I would have changed: you have to have a smart charger unless you know how long to charge it with a standard charger
What others should know: very good battery i use it in my kwa M4 and it last the whole day +
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11 February 2008  

Things I liked: this battery is amazing it holds its charge for a very long time and increeses your rate of fire on any aeg. Also fits very good in my classic army m 15a4.
Things I would have changed: the only bad thing about this battery is the wire that connects the 2 batteries together. u can barely see it in this picture but it is a little short. and mine broke from stress on the wire, but i easily fixed it with electrical tape.
What others should know: 
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Value for money:

6 October 2007  

Things I liked: Great battery. Lots of power and stamina for my gun. Huge improvement in the ROF from my old 8.4v. I bought this for my Crossman R74 (Mp5), although I needed a jack hammer to stuff it in my hand grip. I don't reccomend this style battery pack (nunchuck) for smaller Aeg's. This battery pack takes up a bit more room than you might think.
Things I would have changed: Nothing about the battery itself.
What others should know: Make sure battery size is compatible with your gun before you buy. Although the battery just fits, I run the risk of damaging it each time I squash it in my cramped hand guard.
Overall rating:
Value for money:

12 September 2007  

Things I liked: it lasts very long .good mah and ns voltage
Things I would have changed: 
What others should know: GET A SMART CHARGER
Overall rating:
Value for money:

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