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22 June 2008  

Things I liked: If you want power and accuracy with a military type look then look no further,this is the air rifle you want,this thing is all that and well made too.I like the option of being able to use co2 or air on it also.I have several paintball tanks so I opted to go with the Talon co2 package in .22.Going with this package was also less money and I can purchase the Airforce air tank later.I have used co2 but I am presently using a 1000 psi paintball air tank.With .22 caliber premiers I am getting an avg. of about 725 fps.With lighter ammo over 750 fps.I can put a hole thru both sides of a spray paint can from 50 ft.Co2 tanks are around 800 or 850 psi and shoot in the mid 600s.I scoped mine with a Leapers 4-16 scope and it works great. buy this gun.I did a lot of research before purchasing a Talon and I am sure I made the right choice.
Things I would have changed: There is not anything I would change on my Talon that I can think of.It has worked flawlessly since day 1.Some have complained about the trigger or grip being cheaply made but I find no fault in them,they look and work fine on mine.
What others should know: I went with the std Talon instead of the SS because it has the 18 inch barrel instead of the 12 on the SS.This gives you more fps.The SS is quieter because of the barrel shroud but you can purchase after market shrouds or build 1 yourself like I did.It is less expensive this way and you get more power.Also if you scope yours get a high mount that will get your scope up higher because of the air tank.There are all kinds of upgrades and accessories made for Airforce airguns which is another good reason to buy one and they are made in the USA.Also I bought mine here at Pyramyd Air as well as other items and they have always been great to me.
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