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16 February 2009  

Things I liked: I bought one of the very first of these, in July, 1980. I know I've fired over 5000 rounds through it, with no misfires and no falling off of accuracy, except for that caused by me. It's been great fun, indoors and out, and I expect to keep shooting it for years yet to come. By the way, it was $49.95 back then, and that seemed like quite a bit of money.
Things I would have changed: As everyone says, the rear sight doesn't look like much, but it certainly provides fine accuracy, and obviously, a better sight would necessitate a price increase.
What others should know: In the manual I've used with my 717 that shows how to adjust the cocking lever. If that adjustment is still part of the gun, readers should know that it's for real, and the tolerance range shown is serious.
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10 January 2009  

Things I liked: Great practice pistol. Very quiet. As the first reviewer said, it is more accurate than I am.
Things I would have changed: Sights are plastic and make the gun look less sturdy than it really is.
What others should know: The firing procedures take a little getting used to. Parts are easy to get from Daisy.
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12 November 2008  

Things I liked: I think this gun is more accurate than I am. the grips fit my hand well. I have owned this gun for over 10 years and have put a lot of pellets through it with no problem.
Things I would have changed: The rear sight could be better, on my gun it has some free movemant. The parting line on the cocking lever was somewhat rough , a litte filing fixed that! I have to be careful to get the safety set to fire. The trigger is a bit squishy.
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