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19 January 2009  

Things I liked: The idea.
Things I would have changed: The sample I received had knife sharp corners where O rings have to slide past. Not good. I have a lathe so could fix it. Needs a way to keep liquid CO2 out of the gun.
What others should know: It looks like liquid CO2 will run into the gun and plug things up so pellets barely exit the barrel. Keep the muzzle level or slighly raised and it's mostly OK, but not great. Definitely store the gun vertical. When it's working, muzzle velocity is about 620 fps with RWS Hobbies. Most will go through a single hole at 10 meters with the occasional flyer. A remote set up a la paintball would likely be much more reliable and feed just the gas into the gun.
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14 November 2007  

Things I liked: may use paintball airtanks CO2 or compressed the high strength steel but hate the weight. But, atleast it's NOT made in soft material.
Things I would have changed: make it in TITANIUM for lightness
What others should know: hard to beat in price
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27 September 2007  

Things I liked: The adapter was simply a tube with the proper threading on either side making it possible to connect a standard CO2 tank to the S-16. It was nice to be able to fire many rounds without having to recharge the tank.
Things I would have changed: The CO2 generates much less power than compressed air. At 30 yards the power was insufficient to keep the pellets accurate.
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