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13 July 2008  

Things I liked: THE FACT THAT THIS GUN IS MADE IN THE USA OF COURSE!!!!!! I like how the gun was packaged. No plastic bags or crumbly styrofoam. The gun is very accurate. I have a total of 3 air rifles and 1 pistol - and so far, this is my weapon of choice. I like how quick and easy it is to change barrels and power plants with the Talon SS.
Things I would have changed: I noticed one thing was missing. THE PUMP!!!!!!!!!! I had to buy a new pump and the pump cost about $190. So let's do the math shall we? $522+$190=$712. WOW. How expensive!!!! OOPS, I forgot the scope!! $712+$69.99=$781.99. Don't forget the scope mounts. $781.99+14.99= 796.98. What my point is that the fact the pump, scope, and scope mounts are sold separately - which really drives the price up. THAT IS WHY I GAVE IT THREE STARS ON VALUE FOR MONEY. The front sight was easy to mount, but the rear sight was too tight so I pried the sight open and it worked just fine. A multi-shot would be nice. Don't get me wrong, I love this gun, but not the price. For my dad, he would like a longer pull or length of the rifle (so the rear sight isn't so close and out of focus for his eyesight and a little easier to hold).
What others should know: You will need a pump or a scuba tank. If you get a scuba tank, you will need the Airforce Scuba Tank Adaptor, which is sold separately, unless you get the Talon SS, Quick-Detach Open Sights, Refill Clamp. Trust me, you will be pleased with the 100 meter range and accuracy of the Talon SS. The gun is very pricey, but the performance is amazing. You'll have a hard time putting it down.
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3 April 2008  

Things I liked: my favorite out of my pellet guns, I shoot it in my back yard and i dont think anyone hears it i even shoot it at night and I don't even hear a dog bark; POWERFUL, SIMPLE, QUIET, EXTREMELY ACCURATE, and you can attach loads of accessories and you switch barrels if desired, another thing is that you can make quite a few ajustments to fit your shooting style especially the sights
Things I would have changed: been sitting here for ten minutes and cant think of any thing to chaange with this gun, although a reapeater and a bigger caliber would be cool
What others should know: If you have the extra money I would get the scuba clamp because I found a scuba store that can fill your tanks or you can rent scuba tanks for the day, i got the hand pump and even though it takes a long time and gets pretty difficult at the end its a pretty good work out and it makes firing the gun more satisfiying to shoot(but thak is just my oppinion) plus I think if you buy the clamp along w/the gun you sav a little cash
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