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11 December 2008  

Things I liked: Whats not to like. It came neatly packed in heavy grade foam. Everything arrived undamaged. The DVD was very helpful. Dissassembly and reassebly for cleaning is quick and easy. With the CO 2 power this thing is deadly out to about 25 yards with groupings of an inch shooting in the prone unsupported. Supported shooting is as Tom puts it wedding ring groups. Its capable of penitration on a steel coffee can at 50 yrds, groupings are about the size of a silver dollar. Trigger pull is light and crisp. Recoil is very little, its more like a gentle thump I dont even notice it any more. Highly modifiable, I have more stuff hanging off this thing than I did my M-16 while I was deployed. Flashlight, laser, scope, and a bipod. Im still trying to figure out how to mount a laser range finder to it.
Things I would have changed: Maybe the barrel lugs could be drilled out to allow for the escaping air to have a little more space to travel making it more quiet. Or maybe lengthing the frame a little more, to accomadate the 18 inch barrel of the Talon and maintain suppression.
What others should know: I highly recommend the 12 oz tank. I bought mine with the 20 and its kinda tough to get proper sight alignment. Ive run close to 1000 rounds through the 12 oz tank and its not showing any signs of needing a refill. Get adjustable elevation intermount. I havent yet thats next. Right now my elevation screw on my scope is topped out. So to hit targets out to 50 yards I have to use the 1st mil dot on the scope depending on the weight of the pellet. Speaking of pellets. Ive shot only Beeman brand pellets out of this gun from 13 grains up to 18 grains. It really likes pellets in the 13-16 grain weights. Anything heavier on CO 2 power for long shots your just going to get frustrated. Oh one last thing. Once you get it sighted in and find the weight of pellets your gun likes (on CO 2) buy lots of them. I killed to tins (400 rounds) in less than an after noon.
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16 March 2008  

Things I liked: This thing is a blast. Good power (co2) unbelieveable accuracy ( I am old) a tank of co2 last forever. Really quiet, the noise you hear is the hammer strike. You can shoot this all day and not have a sore arm from cocking or recoil. Pyramid Air was great in every way.
Things I would have changed: The 20 oz, tank is large and makes it uncomfortable to get your eye low enough to look through the scope. Get the 12 oz. cylinder it really helps.
What others should know: You should have a lot of time on your hands for shooting because this is so much fun and so little effort. you will not want to put it down.
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