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31 July 2010  

Author Donwalk
Things I liked: ACCURACY! I'm able to put the pellets into the same hole from 10M if i do my part. that being said...i often shoot from a bench rest...this lightweight rifle excels at 10M from a rest as well.
Things I would have changed: better quality parts. the rear peep proves to be VERY accurate but the plastic parts could be of better grade plastic or polymer. the front sight should be attached to the barrel, not the balance weight.
What others should know: this is a 10M competition rifle NOT a magnum hunting or high powered air rifle as long as one keeps that in mind, it's a great fun and easy to shoot air rifle
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27 August 2008  

Things I liked: Accuracy, ease of operation. Simple to pump and load, good functional safety. Very consistent, very accurate.
Things I would have changed: Pull length is too short, spacers don't fit profile of stock well, minor complaint... For the price, and for being billed as an introductory competition rifle (for youths, no less!) why did they engineer such an awful trigger/sear combination?? Too rough, too hard, too long.
What others should know: Sights are decent, but plastic, so be careful with the rear sight assembly. Pump handle is metal, unlike plastic ones on Daisy's 22XT (though that is a fine rifle, too!) Not at all easy to take this apart, lots of little fiddly bits for looks.
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20 December 2007  

Things I liked: Very simple to use, very reliable. This is my gun of choice for anyone who competes in 10 meter air rifle competitions. Gas powered rifles have a tendency to have mechanical errors, which can cause you to lose a competition. With the Avanti 853, you don't have to worry about anything.
Things I would have changed: Nothing. One pump, one shot, it's great.
What others should know: This rifle will definately get you medals in a competition, but I wouldnt recommend it for shooting small game.
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