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13 February 2008  

Things I liked: Overall appearance, clip operation, accuracy, sight adjustment.
Things I would have changed: I like a lighter trigger weight for competition and precision, but having it be heavier is nice for target shooting outside.
What others should know: I shot competitively for 4 years with JROTC. I always used $1000+ CO2 powered rifles during those times. This gun can't compete for ease of repeat precision, but it's great for practice on the basics. Plus it's light for it's level of acuracy, which is great for standing outside target shooting. I've had it for nearly 9 years with very minimal maintenence. Still looks and works like new.
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2 November 2007  

Things I liked: Nice balance. Shoots like a dream, very accurate. The rifle sling is also great. The trigger is good. The sights are also very good.
Things I would have changed: the soft plastic (rubber?) 5 shot magazine does not index properly. The last shot always jams. Perhaps if they replace it with a hard plastic it can be made it better tolerances so that it will not jam. I have a IZH 61 with a 5 pellet clip made of hard plastic and it works... no jams.
What others should know: Originally, I had a problem sighting. The shots would hit 2 inches to the right even with the rear sight adjustment maxed out. I discovered the front sight was skewed to the left 2-3 degrees. I loosened the set screws and corrected the skew. It now shoots very accurately.
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