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9 December 2008  

Things I liked: Best Air Rifle I own. High Quality, super accurate. Hits hard and is very consistant. Mine is in .22 and it is superb!!! I love my R1 but hardly shoot it with this around.
Things I would have changed: I don't like the Safety.
What others should know: Loves Kodiac magnum pellets- it can diesel with anything under 15 gr. Screws begin to losen just a touch every 25 rds or so.
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Value for money:

25 October 2008  

Things I liked: Lighter than the R1, amazing quality in the finish and areat trigger. SUper accurate and fun to shoot. My favorite. Outshoots my Walther's all day long. once you master your hold and follow thru this rifle is perfect. Absolutely flattens squirrels and rabbits, one shot kills. Shoots flat at 45 yds.
Things I would have changed: Nothing
What others should know: Loves beeman Kodiac Pellets!
Overall rating:
Value for money:

9 April 2008  

Things I liked: I'm so glad I bought this pellet gun! It's one of the less expensive to buy for the quality you get, with the right pellets (pellet make all the difference BTY) this pellet gun shoots super acurate and persice, there's very little if any mantenance... I just have so much fun with this thing!
Things I would have changed: I wish there was a way to attatch a sling so I can walk around and hunt more with it. A bi-pod attatchment would be awsome too but a sling and bi-pod are two things I'm willing to let slide for the deal I got buying this pellet gun.
What others should know: Make sure you stock pile lots of good pellets because if you have to go ONE DAY without pellets, lol, you'll make sure it NEVER happens again lol... just tryin' to save you some trouble here haha.
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Value for money:

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