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23 October 2008  

Things I liked: Trigger, compact size, weight and feel, scope, easy cocking, very accurate, bluing, stalk, every thing on this air rifle is awesome.
Things I would have changed: The scope is mounted as close as possible to the rifle at the base and just behind the insert that covers the space where the open site would normally be. So close in fact that there is not enough room to put the dust cover on the scope at the objective lens. This is of no concern though, the plastic is very thin on the cover so I simply cut a grove about 1/3 in. wide and 3/4 in. long on the bottom of the front dust cover and now it works perfect, a very easy fix and in no way effects the operation and performance of the dust cover and what its function is. As a matter of fact I prefer the scope line of site to be as close as possible to the plane of the barrel with out touching. It would have been nice if this cut was made from the factory however some smaller shooters may want to move the scope back a little for eye relief and would not need to slot the cover. This is a very minor concern though and does not detract from the performance of the rifle what so ever.
What others should know:  I used to shot on my ROTC target team in high school, 4 position match so I wanted accuracy over power. This air rifle offers target grade accuracy out of the box. I use Crosman Premier Light .177 Cal, 7.9 Grains, Domed and it WILL shot one hole in to the last at 10 meters if I do my part. Also its easy to cock, not quite as hold sensitive as a magnum and smaller size make it easy to manage even for youth or those smaller in stature yet at 6 feet tall and 250lbs. I do not feel restricted in any way. Every one that has shoot this rifle falls in love with its characteristics. My dad who is an 85 year old ex WW2 vet had no problem cocking and shooting this air rifle. He used to shoot target on our local NRA team so appreciated the trigger and accuracy this rifle offered. I had some trouble getting it back from him! With the right pellet this rifle would probably work for small vermin up to 20 to 30 yards all though I will probably use it only for target practice. The scope is also very nice and suits the rifle well offering clear optics and plenty of eye relief. The trigger is extremely smooth, what they say about the Record is true and feels as good as or better than my old 22 target rifle, fully adjustable in 1st and second stage, length and weight with no creep. It was perfect out of the box and I had no need to change a thing. If target grade specs are your game with easy manageability, this is the rifle for you. If you want to dispatch vermin I would look for some thing with a little more power. My buddy shoots an RWS 48, for about the same price as this unit you could out fit the 48 with a scope and have plenty of power for vermin. Its larger and heavier, more hold sensitive and harder cocking means its not quite as easy to manage but its very accurate and has plenty of power for vermin. Over all I believe this is probably the best target grade air rifle on the market for less than $600 dollars, being a close second to the Air Arms TX200 MkIII that is probably the best springer ever made.
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12 April 2008  

Things I liked: Everything about it is well executed. People can argue about design choices, but it is well made. The bottom of the trigger guard is is knurled for example. everything is sighted in for ten meters, and it was dead on out of the box. I have not held a rifle since around 1990, and my first shot at a target got the outside edge of a ten meter bullseye. This airgun is as quiet as advertised. The scope has occular and objective adjustments if needed. Plenty of knockdown power at 20 meters for starlings and sparrows. n just a couple of days I have been able to take the S&S pressure off of my Martin colony.
Things I would have changed: Don't know enough to say what should be changed. Nothing for my needs.
What others should know: Its been 40 years since I fired an air gun, so I don't know anything about what air guns should be, but this little piece is a joy.
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