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29 December 2008  

Things I liked: I have been very impressed with the CenterPoint products, this is an excellent scope and exactly what I had hoped for. The scope is very bright and clear is easily adjusted, the illuminated reticle is wonderful, the exit pupil perfect for low light shooting, the eye relief and focus are very respectable and the magnification is amazing.
Things I would have changed: I would strongly consider steel construction for a scope of this size. I would like to see better optic covers and I am a little disappointed that the one sent fit poorly and will not work with the sun shade. I would also like to see lower settings for the red illumination, to prevent over dilation of the eye at dusk. I would also like to see the multidirectional switch illumination settings reversed for the green illumination so you don't start out on maximum illumination from the off position. I would also consider numbering the mil-dot in the reticle for the occasions when you forget witch one you had just been looking at. Finally I would also like to see an optic coating on the inside of the reticle that would prevent the illuminated reticle from being viewable from the other end of the scope.
What others should know: Sunshade works great at night preventing street light glare. 8X56 is perfect for low light. Scope optics in the snow is a little weird with the amount of light being reflected off other surfaces it makes target acquisition definitely interesting.
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21 October 2007  

Things I liked: Illuminated Mil Dot reticle. Really powerful magnification. You can really reach out and touch something
Things I would have changed: One more Mil Dot, and set them up for yards not meters.
What others should know: Make sure you remember to turn the reticle illumination off after use.
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