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Rating: 4.6/5 (8 votes cast)

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17 February 2009  

Things I liked: Seems to be very well made piece of equipment, clearity is awesome. really like the Zero Lock feature,( I have had too many scopes that don't hold a zero).
Things I would have changed: Nothing I can see.
What others should know: I am saving to buy a High Velocity Break Barrel (1000fps or better). This scope will be the scope for it. Hopefully all will work out well.
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4 August 2008  

Things I liked: Mil dot reticle. Decent mounts included. (I think they are the same as Leapers Accushot mounts) This Scope seems to be a decent match for my new Chinese B40 (I would have bought a TX200 but try to find any company who has one in stock!) Can't expect too much for $65. Worth the money if you are a gadget and looks person. Could be OK for field target use.
Things I would have changed: My AO ring is very hard to turn when you move it from long range toward short. Its not great but works better from short range to long. Optics in my opinion are only OK. Barska is better for the money if you're buying Chinese anyway. Scope is REALLY big. Flip up scope caps are total garbage. My reticle does not seem to be perfectly square with the W/E adjusters. I don't think I will like this scope for hunting. Too many adjustments for fast field use at varying ranges.
What others should know: This Scope is definitely made in China and you get what you pay for. Center point is owned by Crossman, a supposedly American Company but all their scopes like Crossman Rifles are made in China. I would probably not buy this scope again
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1 August 2008  

Things I liked: The ease of zeroing the scope, about 10 shots and it was dead on at 40 yards. The mil dot is really cool, just add a couple dots down and your good to 60 yards.
Things I would have changed: Also the flip up scope covers. They are nice if you go extra high on the mounts, but I couldn't mount the scope on the rifle without the scope hitting the top of the rifle.
What others should know: Great buy for the quality and price. I think my next scope will be a 50mm abjective though.
Overall rating:
Value for money:

20 June 2008  

Things I liked: Being new to scopes this is a big change though it was an easy transition. I am so far very satisfied with every feature of this scope. I have only used it for shooting paper clips off a string at 15 meters but images are extremely clear and bright.
Things I would have changed: When shooting at 15m and adjusting the front focal adjustment accordingly I found that the sun shade pin would wiggle itself loose thus allowing it to come disconnected. It is not a big deal though I am trying to develop a way to make it stay.
What others should know: I found that if I left the windage knob unlocked and doing a lot of shooting it can move a few points so I found a nice balance of it being secure enough for me to barely click it.
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24 May 2008  

Things I liked: adj objective,locking zero,and scope monts that came with are great with integrated pre-drilled scope stop pins
Things I would have changed: nothing
What others should know: i bought this scope to use on a .22 rimfire and my beman r1 .22 cal.I tried two different scopes one was a bushnell 3x9x32 non adj objective and a beeman blu-ribben 2.5x32 fixed.Using this scope i was able to shoot five shot groups with my .22 rimfire at 25 yds that you could easily cover with a dime,the other scopes were about an inch,the adj objecting really helped with this along with the more fine reticle and i checked to see if my poi would change adj from 3 power-7 power and no change of poi which was great but when set to 9 power my poi moved significantly,maybe with a lil more adj with objective and eye relief would fix this.Overall i'm happy with my purchase
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