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9 March 2009  

Things I liked: Very accurate for off-hand shooting due to its light weight...I've been shooting at 15 to 20 yards at a power setting of 6 \10. I have Pyr's chrony showing10 shots with 11.8 grain 22 caliber pellet at approximately 800fps. So, I'm very happy about the out-of-the-box power. I'm not sure how this gun will do beyond 20 rating on accuracy is up to 20 yards. From what I've been seeing on youtube and from other users this gun should be placing 1" groups at 30 yards without a problem. The muzzle report is not too loud thanks to the built-in shroud. Built-in 11 mm dovetail for the top rail. Versatility and the fact that there are MANY aftermarket sources for parts and tuning upgrades. General aesthetics and design of the gun are very exciting to me.
Things I would have changed: The safety catch seems and feels mechanically cheap. I do like the general presence of a two-stage trigger (but I can feel the spring through the trigger on the 1st and 2nd stage) so that could be improved a bit as well. The trigger guard, cocking lever and rear butt are a little on the cheap side in regards to materials used but all of it can easily be replaced/upgraded...and in my opinion the aftermarket parts are NOT expensive and readily available.
What others should know: Great value for the $$ spent. This gun can be easily modified in several different ways from buying a longer barrel (increase velocity) to smoothing the operation and polishing the valve (lots of aftermarket tuners out there). A versatile and unique gun made in the USA. You can easily use a CO2 air source with this gun and have 10x (ten times) more shots available over compressed air.
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2 February 2009  

Things I liked: EVERYYYYTHING!!!... Excellent Trigger... Excellent Accuracy.... Excellent Power... Excellent Weight.. Excellent Everything!! This rifle will blow your mind!!! Extremely customizable and a SHOW STOPPER!!!
Things I would have changed: NADA
What others should know: I have a Gamo Whisper VH cal177.. and it doesn't stand a chance against this monster!!! I prefer to use the 24" barrel instead of the 12" because of its power increase (even though that it is louder)........ Be ready to impress EVERYONE... every person in the shooting club I go to has already shot with it, and they can't believe that a pellet rifle achieves such a perfect Accuracy & Power!! Use good quality pellets only!! Such as Kodiaks, JSB, Eun Jins... My rifle HATED the Crossman Hollowpoints. GO FOR IT!!! it is a GREAT INVESTMENT!!!
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30 December 2008  

Things I liked: Great accuracy! The ability to operate on HPA and CO2. Light weight. Compact size. The ability to shoot at different power levels with the turn of a wheel.
Things I would have changed: The pistol grip sides do not match up very well and cheapen the appearance of an other wise outstanding gun. It seems that Airforce could have the bad fit fixed if they wanted to!
What others should know: Plenty of power from the 12 inch barrel. This morning I shot two red squirrels on HPA at a power setting of eight. The JSB Pretators were both pass throughs at 25+ yards. Because of the no recoil and the low noise, I could both see and hear the pellets strike! Pretty cool!
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