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28 February 2009  

Things I liked: This rifle is very accurate and is a pleasure to shoot. I purchased it for pest control and found the CO2 has plenty of zip to handle small pests. I sat a steel vegetable can up at 15 yards and in .22 went through both sides of the can with no problem. The four to sixteen scope is very nice with the adjustable knobs being very crisp.
Things I would have changed: The price is pretty steep when compared to the price you would be pay to purchase a deer rifle. I would like to see some type of butt plate that could be put on the back of a CO2 tank.
What others should know: I needed to shim the rings on the scope, for elevation to get enough adjustment with the 20oz. tank. Mounting the scope towards the rear of the Tri- rail allows for a more comfortable position when mounting the rifle to your shoulder. This rifle is accurate and enjoyable to shoot.
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25 October 2008  

Things I liked: I am a smallbore benchrest bullseye shooter for many years now. Compition ammunition has become awfully expensive in the last cople of years. I choose the Airforce Condor on CO2 in .177 caliber to keep my skills honed and it does an outstanding job of it. At 25 Meters I am routinely able to shoot sub 1/4 inch groupes on still days and sub 1/2 inch groupes at 50. I bought and installed a Bullseye Bill's Frame Extender on my Condor to reduce the sharpe "Crack" of firing the rifle. It works great to reduce firing noise and your neighbors will thank you. Great air rifle at a bargan price in my opinion.
Things I would have changed: The safety can be hard to push to the fire position at times. I would like to see improvement in the on-off operation of the safety system.
What others should know: I took reviewer Pauls advise and slicked up the pistol grip and fore stock with a dremel rotary tool and sprayed three coats of Duplicolor Truck Bed Liner on them. It gives you a very nice looking finish and a very good non-slip texture. Very worthwhile afternoon project.
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