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1 October 2007  

Things I liked: the s410 erb fac extra is one fine piece of enginuity. fit, finish,accurracy and energy is completely awsome. hats off to pyramyd air for adding this to their fine selection of rifles at a great price. i tested some pellets through my beta shooting chrony and the results are as follows: h&n field target troghy 14.66grains - average velocity 1009 feet per second,exteme spread 14.69 feet per second, standard deviation 5.38 feet per second, energy average foot pounds 33.0, hi 33.39 crow magnum 18 grains- average velocity 940 feet per second, extreme spread 8.25 feet per second, standard deviation 2.44 feet per second, energy average 35.06, hi 35.30 wow. beemand kodiak 21.1 grains- average velocity 881.5 feet per second, extreme spread 18.7 feet per second, deviation 5.29 feet per second energy average 36.57 foot pounds, hi foot pouds 37.19. wow. all results based on 190 bar fill and 10 shot strings. i get 40 shots on hi power and about 70 shots on just bellow 1/2 power. this rifle will take prey out to 75 yards and will shoot along side rifles such as the daystate air wolf costing $2200.00
Things I would have changed: nothing!!! even the triger right out of the box is perfect. very crisp and light as picky as i am, it surprised me.
What others should know: beeman kodiaks were the winners for acurracy and energy!! 8 out of 10 shots at twenty yards went into the same exact hole measuring .021 inches. 9 out of 10 went into .19 inches . the tenth round went slightley out of the shot group as the triger is so light it went off a little prematurly. i used a shooting bench with a shooting rest with a level on the rest. i also used a scope level on the rifle making sure eveything is level before shooting each round. i also tested the kodiaks at 33 yards using my home made t-bar rest in a field behind my property and results were amazing. every time shot groups measure under . 5 inches average. some shot groups will be .35 inches and some around .55 inches. my best at 33 yards is .25 inches. out of every shot group i will get one round or two out of the shot group because of an occasional flyer or because i am not on a super steady bench rest and i will pull the round off target. i take these shos out of my measurments. i can't wait to try my bench and rifle rest with levels at ths range. i know shot groups will shrink a little more.
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11 August 2007  

Things I liked: This rifle is the most bang for your buck! Awesome power, light weight, and SUPER quiet, you can't go wrong with the 410ERB!
Things I would have changed: The 410ERB bolt is a little heavy to cock, but if the correct technique is used it's no big deal
What others should know: Best overall PCP on the market! Very accurate as well with JSB Heavies. Thanks Pyramyd for a great rifle!
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